Microenterprise Assistance

This application is for microenterprise educational assistance only.  If you are looking for COVID-19 crisis related services or financing, please CLICK HERE


Technical Assistance Provided Through The City of Roseburg Community Development Block Grant Program and a Partnership with CCD Business Development Corporation. 

Businesses located in Coos, Curry and Douglas Counties may apply. 

The City of Roseburg partnered with CCD Business Development Corporation, an economic development (CCD) organization that serves Coos, Curry and Douglas counties, to create and implement a Microenterprise Assistance Services Program.

The program is available for Microenterprise, which are small businesses with five or fewer employees, including the owner.

The program enables low to moderate income owners of Microenterprise and persons developing Microenterprise access to information, training and resources for their individual circumstances.

The program’s general classroom training includes the following topics: business planning and strategy, budgeting, writing a business and marketing plan, financial statements and projections, record keeping, access to markets, customer service training, and more.

CCD is taking applications for the program. There will be sessions offered in the following areas: Coos County, Roseburg, Curry County and Douglas County.

Businesses who are interested in participating or want additional information should contact Bryan Sykes at CCD Business Development Corporation:
522 SE Washington Ave., Ste 111A
Roseburg, OR 97470
(541) 672-6728 Ext. 301

Download The Paper Form Here

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The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), administered by Business Oregon, finances programs that build and expand economic opportunities for rural areas in Oregon. Projects funded by the CDBG are categorized in the following six areas; Microenterprise, Public Works, Community/Public Facilities, Community Capacity/Technical Assistance, Regional Housing Rehabilitation and Emergency Projects