CCD is providing technical assistance to small businesses. Need some help getting everything in order? You could be eligible for up to 40 hours of free technical assistance for your business! Click here for the program intake form.

Encouraging Economic Development in your community.

Encouraging Economic Development in your community.

Join Our Women In

Business Events!

CCD would like to invite all women entrepreneurs and professionals to Women in Business meetings held monthly. These meetings are specifically designed to offer support, resources, and networking opportunities for women in business in our community. Our goal is to create an inclusive and empowering environment where you can connect to share your ideas, hear from expert speakers, and learn from each other's experiences. This is the perfect place to gain new insights, build relationships, and grow your business. Click here to visit CCD Facebook Page for more information on events in your area.

Find out how CCD can help you be more successful

Let's be the best we can be!

The CCD staff has helped Oregon businesses to become the best they can be. Through loan programs, training and consulting. Come and see other business profiles to see if we can help you.

Business Development 

We work in cooperation with local organizations to help with development financing, grant management, and technical assistance.

Enterprise and Expansion

We can help expanding and enterprise businesses with financial, marketing, and management consulting services.

Why We Do It

Our Mission:

To encourage economic development, diversify local economies, support industry, and enhance quality of life for all in the region.

Our Vision:

Provide opportunity for proactive economic growth through diversification and expansion.

Our DEI Commitment:

CCD is committed to building and enhancing a positive impact on our communities, region, and state. This requires our team to reflect on equity and inclusivity so we can learn from the broadest perspectives. We recognize that race and gender are historical markers of diversity, especially in traditionally conservative communities; however, we further believe that diversity includes categories such as age, disability, nationality, intellectual perspective, socioeconomic background, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Inclusion encompasses empowering the voice of all members of a community.

What do you need help with?


“I currently own a business, but need to grow”. If this is you, then let us help! We can help scale your business.


I need help with infrastructure projects like sewer, water, wastewater, libraries, Head Starts, etc. – where do I start?


looking to expand or locate in Coos, Curry, or Douglas County, and I am looking for state incentives, such as Oregon Enterprise Zones.

What People Say

Having the peace of mind of owning our own building seemed to be an impossible dream after being tenants for 30 years. Then we found out about the SBA 504 program through CCD and the Lane Council of Governments in Eugene. Dan Betschart at LCOG helped us through what seemed to be one insurmountable task after another. Whenever we had doubts, Dan made it all seem so easy and helped keep our stress levels down! Yes, there were lots of forms and paperwork to get through, but now the future of our business is not at the whims of a landlord and we are building equity with every "rent" check. Thank you, CCD! The future of our business is more secure because of you!

Alan Best

Owner of Best Martial Arts Institute in Eugene, Oregon

What People Say

My name is Sami Abboud, owner of Cafe Mediterranean in North Bend Oregon. My wife and I are proud to be a part of the CCD business development lending program. The management and the team helped us to refinance a private loan for our restaurant building, making the whole experience easy, valuable and really believed in our business. They helped us when local banks who we have done business with for over 12 years didn't. We would highly recommend reaching out to the program to help achieve your business goals.

Sami Abboud

Cafe Mediterranean in North Bend Oregon

What People Say

Arch Rock Brewing Company, came into being as a result of the help that we obtained from CCD Business Development Corporation. Had it not been for the help and guidance from CCD, Arch Rock Brewing Company would not exist. Again, thanks to all the CCD staff who continues to be helpful answering questions that come up now and then.

Lawrence Brennan

President, Arch Rock Brewing Company Gold Beach, Oregon