Existing Borrowers

Change My Contact Information

If your contact information changes at any time, please notify CCD.

Please send this information directly to our Loan Servicing Specialist, Krisha Rasmussen at k.rasmussen@ccdbusiness.com.

Be sure to include your name, business name, loan number, and your telephone number in case we need to reach you.

Check My Loan Balance

To check your loan balance or any other documentation needs, please contact our Loan Servicing Specialist, Krisha Rasmussen at (541) 756-4101 x2 or by email at k.rasmussen@ccdbusiness.com.

Submitting Annual Financials

According to your SBA 504 Authorization or your Loan Agreement, you are required to send CCD Business Development Corporation a copy of the most recent year-end tax returns of the Borrower and the Operating Company.

Please send these to Krisha Rasmussen at k.rasmussen@ccdbusiness.com.

Submitting Insurance Certificates and Changes

Like financials, CCD request a copy of the Borrower and the Operating Company updated insurance certificates annually. We do not require the full policy. It is also necessary that the U.S. Small Business Administration and CCD Business Development Corporation be named as the 2nd mortgagee and lenders loss payee. Please provide your insurance companies with the following information:

2nd Mortgagee and/or Loss Payee U.S. Small Business Administration c/o CCD Business Development Corporation 540 Anderson Avenue Coos Bay, OR 97420

Please send these insurance certificates to Krisha Rasmussen at k.rasmussen@ccdbusiness.com.

Loan Prepayment

If you would like to prepay your loan, please contact CCD in writing via email or by phone.

SBA 504 Loans are funded via the sale of bonds which requires a slightly different payoff process than a typical bank loan. A possible alternative to loan payoff may be a loan subordination or assumption.

If you prepay your SBA 504 loan during the first half of the stated term, there will be a prepayment premium, calculated by applying a declining percentage of the Debenture interest rate to the out standing principal balance of the Note.

The Borrower may prepay the Note in full. Partial prepayment is not allowed. The Borrower must give prior written notice to CCD according to the terms of the Note.

The best time to pay off your loan are before your semi-annual debenture dates which will help to avoid additional fees. You can confirm these dates with our Loan Servicing Staff.

CCD must have 45 days written notice that the loan is going to prepay.

Payoff dates for SBA 504 Loans are the 3rd Thursday of each month.

All deposits and payoff must be made by wire transfer.

Contact either Michele Laird, Business Finance ManagerĀ at (541) 756-4101 x3 or m.laird@ccdbusiness.com or Krisha Rasmussen, Loan Servicing Specialist at (541) 756-4101 x2 or k.rasmussen@ccdbusiness.com.